8 Top Bunk Beds for Kids

Nowadays when shopping for top bunk beds for kids you will find a far larger variety of styles, colors and features than just ten or twenty years ago. Once a bunk bed was a single above a single and you got to the top via a ladder. Still fun but none of the features that make them so great now. Today you can get singles above doubles, twin above twin, triple bunk beds, ones with stairs, loft beds, fun style bunk beds and more. This review takes a look at some of the top bunk beds for kids on the market today with particular focus on features that the kids will love.

Just a tip when buying bunk beds for kids to make sure you are keeping them safe be sure that the mattress you get for them are suitable. Some mattresses would be too thick and make the risk of falling out of bed a lot higher. Also be sure to read the print carefully. In pictures they often show you the full set all put together because of course it looks fabulous. However in some cases not all of those parts may come with the bed and you may have to order the extras for an additional cost.

Top Bunk Beds For Kids

1) Wildon Home Drew Full Workstation Loft Bed with Desk

wildon-home-drew-loft-bedOne option you might be interested in is the loft bed, or bunk bed with desk below rather than another bed. This is a stylish and modern option that would be great if you are buying for an older child or even a college student. It gives them more space in their rooms by putting a desk below the sleeping area. There are many different designs for this type of bed. This particular bunk bed for kids would be suitable for both genders with its modern style and black finish. The frame is made from metal and its dimensions are Height: 72.75 inches, Width: 69.63 inches, Depth: 80.63 inches and Weight: 188.54 lbs. It is a double sized bed accessed via a ladder. The desk has plenty of space for a PC or laptop to sit on and then have additional space to work or place extra storage on, and it also has room to have lower units or shelves slid under too. Its simple lines means it would fit into almost any style of room.

2) Fola Collection Fire House Twin Loft Bed, Red and Espresso

fola-fire-houseIf you are looking for something for a younger infant there are some really fun top bunk beds for kids to look at. This particular one would suit any young boy or girl wanting to be a fire-person one day. It is made from solid wood and includes features like the 3 shelf book shelf, a bright red firehouse front frame, decorative roof and slat panel. You would need to purchase the box spring and mattress separately however but the joy on your child’s face would make it worth it. It’s dimensions are Height: 67 inches, Width: 42 inches and Length: 82 inches. While this may not be the best bunk bed if you need to sleepĀ  more than one child, it also acts as a playhouse for them when they are using their imagination.

3) Castle Tent Loft Bed w/ Slide & Under Bed Storage, Blue

castle-tent-loft-bedWhat child would not love to have a bed that comes with a fun tent and a slide! These features are sure to be a hit with any kid. In this example we have a castle themed bunk bed but you can get a variety of style such as a princess pink castle, a camouflage tent and more. Again this does not have a lower bunk but rather is designed to create a fun play space around and under the bed. What is great about this particular one is it can be used by younger children without the worry of them hurting themselves on a high up ladder or falling out of a top bunk. This is because it is lower to the ground. However if that is not a concern you can get ones that are higher up. You do have to buy the mattress separately which should be a twin size at 74 to 75 inches long and 37.5 to 38.5 inches wide. The dimensions of this bunk bed are Height: 92 inches, Width: 79 3/4 inches and Length: 101 1/4 inches.

It is sturdy, made to handle kids rough and tumbling while they play and have fun. It is definitely a bed that your kids will be excited to show off to friends and family! Keep in mind that the slide coming out takes up some room so not the best for really small bedrooms. Assembly takes a couple of people somewhere between two to four hours.

4) Basketball Bunk Bed

basketball-bunk-bedA great top bunk bed for kids who are into their basketball is this bunk bed. If you have a real sports loving kid you can go to stores that make these beds and get something custom made to the colors and team your child supports. This picture shows it with its additional features like the stairs but there are foot holes up the side that are used to get to the top bunk. You could opt to have a slide where the stairs are too and you can choose from a twin bed or full sized. The lockers on each side are actual additional storage space with shelving. Keep in mind when measuring up for this bed that the hoop comes out into the room and takes up 13 inches. Dimensions of the twin option would be Height: 93 inches, Width: 81 inches and Depth: 51 inches. The full’s depth goes to 66 inches.

5) Acadia Merlot Stair Step Bunk Bed with 3-Drawer Bunk Pedestal

acadia-merlot-bunk-bedMoving away from the themed bunk bed into some more stylish options we have this lovely bunk bed with stairs rather than a ladder. On some bunk beds with stairs you do not have a choice about where the stairs are located but with this example you can choose to place them at either end. These types of bunk beds are bigger than the old style so be sure to check dimensions to make sure it will fit and can be accessed. It is made from solid wood and comes with drawers for that always needed extra storage.

This look would suit any aged child, even the teenagers in your family. It is durable and if you were concerned about safety when it comes to ladders on bunk beds, this top bunk bed for kids has what some feel is a safer stair option. This particular bed has a twin over a twin and if you need a third sleeping area option for sleepovers you can choose to not take the three additional drawers and instead have a trundle. If the child on top is younger the guard rail is a great way to keep them safe, just make sure the mattress is the correct size.

6) Weston Twin Over Full L Shaped Storage Bunk Bed

weston-twin-bunk-bedIf you like the above bunk bed with its wood and rustic charm but have more room to play with how about an L shaped bunk bed like this one. It is a twin over a full sized bed and comes with bookshelves, and drawers for storage. It is a sturdy piece of furniture made from Radiata pine. The wood does have some small imperfections but they are natural ones like small knots. It comes with a complete slat kit, roller glide drawers, the four shelf book shelf two of which can be moved and a ladder which can be placed at the short end or long side.

Assembly of this larger piece of furniture is not for the feint of heart! Have a friend or partner help you or pay someone to do it for you and expect it to take at least a couple of hours. The other piece of advice we have picked up from customer reviews is that if you want to prevent the ladder from scratching the wood underneath where it hangs put some padding on the back of it.

7) Berg Sierra Twin over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed with Desk and Storage

berg-sierra-bunk-bedAnother L shaped bunk bed but with additional features you and your children will appreciate if you have a little more room to play around with. Made in the USA this wooden bunk bed is especially great when you have an older child sharing with a younger child. It is a contemporary and modern design that comes with features like larger drawer underneath, stairs that can be placed either end of the bed, scratch resistant, sturdy and safe. It also has a desk surface with light as well as a very useful shelf on the side for the person in the top bunk to use as a side table for a drink or book. It comes with a weight limit of 250lbs so can take adults too.

As mentioned you do need more space for this top bunk bed for kids and because of its size it does take longer to assemble (about 3 hours) and really needs at least two people working on it in some sections. Something that reviewers are very happy about is the motion light on the stairs leading up to the bunk bed. The younger kids on the top bunk can see their way at night when the bathroom calls and parents do not have to worry about falls. Another thing reviewers are happy about is that with the curved edges there is less bumping and hurting themselves when getting in and out of bed. One thing to watch for is to be sure you plan where the lighting is going to be plugged in before you have it fully assembled!

8) Devon Triple Decker Twin Stairway Bunk Bed

devon-triple-deckerFinally we felt a guide on top bunk beds for kids with features they will love would not be complete without a triple bunk bed in the mix. If you have three kids to fit into one room, whether because you live somewhere with limited space, or perhaps for your holiday home, a triple bunk bed is a great solution. It is also something to consider if you have two kids but they are always having friends or family sleep over with them! This particular triple bunk bed looks great and also comes with shelving on the side of the stairs, drawers and it is scratch and slip resistant. You can opt to have the stairs on the left or right side depending on your room specifications. For additional costs you can add that bookshelf you see at the end of the middle bed or the 4 drawer chest underneath it. This one is shown in white but you can choose from other colors and also customize the knobs and accent colors.

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