Best Triple Bunk Beds

If you have a large family and not enough room for everyone to have their own bed and bedroom the best solution to make the most of the space you have is a bunk bed. But if you have more than two to sleep both in the home or in a smaller holiday home, the perfect solution is a triple bunk bed. Here we will look at the benefits of triple bunk beds, the options in styles you have and then show you some of those options with a review of each one.

If saving space is the main priority and you want to keep the costs down the best style is the three stacked over each other – much like a traditional two bed bunk bed but with a third bed in there. You still have space to fit in other furniture needed and it takes up the least amount of floor space giving more room for the kids to play. Another option is to go for an L-shaped triple bunk bed. They look great and while they do take up a little more room they still can help optimize space especially if they have some additional storage options with them too.

Whichever shape or style you go for you still have some of the same decisions to make as with any bunk bed. Color and finish, storage options, desks and shelving options, stairs or ladder. Since at least three people will be using this piece of furniture be certain it is sturdy and well made. Kids when playing together can be hard on furniture and you do not want it scratched up or damaged straight away. Also be very sure on your measurements of the room and how the bed will be positioned when assembled. Triple bunk beds tend to weigh more and it is not something you can move around or re-build easily. You also need to think about the size of the beds, they could all be twins, or if one child is older or you need a larger bed you could have two twins and a full or so on. As well as choosing a size of bed, consider the length of them too, as you can get standard models or longer one if you have a particularly tall person to sleep. Finally in terms of safety be sure that there are the necessary guard rails if one or more of the children using it are quite young.

With triple bunk beds and a large family you can easily create a boys room and a girls room, have extra sleeping places if you always have people sleeping over. If you have a family vacation place cousins can all sleep together and families can come together without issues about who sleeps where. Another reason why you might choose a triple bunk bed is that if you have a place where all the kids are sleeping together the adults’ only need to check on one or two rooms in the evening when socializing. It is also a possible sleeping solution for college students who may have to share a room with more than one person.

Top 5 Triple Bunk Beds for 2016

Annapurna Sleeps 3 Loft Bed

This bed is a great example of an L shaped two twin beds over a twin on the floor. It has two ladders so each bad can be reached without any fights of who goes up first and complaints about someone climbing over their bed to get to the other one! You could up the size if you wanted to a full sized bed for the lower bunk. It comes with 4 guard rails and while this shows the white finish you could change it to Chestnut or Natural Birch if that would suit the bedroom better. There are also extras you can purchase to up the functionality of this triple bunk bed. There are storage drawers you could buy to go under the lower bunk if you need more storage (who doesn’t!) or you could opt for another sleeping space in the form of a trundle. As you can see there is also a desk you can for the space under second upper bunk and there is a magazine rack attached to the upper bunk too both of which are extra costs and need to be specified as extras when you order.

Best Triple Bunk Beds - Annapurna Sleeps 3 Loft Bed

This bed can handle a total weight of 800lbs and its dimensions are 122-1/2″W x 80″L x 71″H.

Monterey Twin Bunk Bed with Trundle

monterey twin bunk bed with trundleNow technically we know this is not a triple bunk bed. But for those who wanted a third sleeping space as an optional this is one of the ways you could get it. It is in a very simple style great for boys or girls and as it comes with 12 slats per bed does not need a box spring. You need to buy the mattresses yourself and some reviewers suggest making sure you know exactly what you need here as regular twin mattresses would not work, you need twin mattress made specifically for bunk beds. Also this goes for the trundle mattress too. Made from solid pine and coming with guardrails it a safe and sturdy. Dimensions are 62.25″ H x 42.5″ W x 82″ D. It is not though a bed for adults to use as well, as the weight limit for it is a total of 250lbs, so 125lbs max per bunk. It is an easier bunk bed to assemble but may be more suitable for younger and shorter children as the height between lower and upper bunk is not much. You can find it here.

Chelsea Home Twin Triple Bunk Bed

Chelsea Home Twin Triple Bunk BedBack to a full time triple bunk bed! If you like the traditional style of one up one down bunk beds like the one above, this triple may be the one for you. All beds are stacked above each other so while you can sleep three it still only takes up the room of one bed in the bedroom. It is made from solid pine and is a more rustic style piece of furniture. It is both strong and durable and can hold a total of 400lbs of weight distributed across the three bunks. The mattresses you buy will rest on a slat support system and its dimensions are 77″ H x 41″ W x 80″ D. Assembly is not overly complicated with a couple of people but this too does not offer much room in between bunks for the users.

Utica Twin over Twin Trifecta Loft 3 Beds with Stairs and Storage

utica-3-beds-stairsThis style of triple bunk bed offers a few things many purchasers want, there are stairs leading to the top bunk not a ladder, which some feel is safer to use. There is some extra storage in the stair drawers for example and in the cubby holes in the sides. But if you are willing you can also spend extra money to buy those extra features seen in the picture like the top shelf that acts as a night stand for the top bunk, or the 4 drawer unit under the second bunk or the shelves at the end of the second bunk. You can see it will require more room then the previously reviewed triple bunk bed. But you also get some extra features (again should you buy them – some do not come with the bed). This may mean your need for additional drawer space elsewhere in the room is lessened so you can put in less furniture and there is still room.

This bed is not made from solid wood rather it is an engineered wood. It claims to be scratch resistant though and the stair can be used on either side if your room configuration needs them to be moved. Make sure the top bunk has a mattress that is not thicker than 6 inches for safety reasons. The dimensions are 74.5″ H x 80″ W x 96″ D and it weighs a very heavy 650lbs so putting it together is a few hours with two people.

Chelsea Home Futon Loft Bed with Underbed Storage

This option gives you a more flexible third sleeping area and may be especially suitable for holiday homes or older children who need to share. It is made from solid pine wood making it strong and durable and this rustic style has a finish in honey. Weight limits for each bed are 250lbs and the two upper bunks are twin sized. The lower bunk is a full sized futon, so it can be loved to become a bed at night and then returned to a seated position for during the day. Dimensions are 80″ H x 72″ W x 121″ D and it all weighs 375.7lbs. It comes with a small amount of storage space in the form of two drawers under the futon.


What the kids may love is the fact that there is no real ladder or stairway. To get into bed they need to use the railings on each end. Therefore this is more suitable for older children who are less clumsy! The additional furniture in the picture does not come with the triple bunk bed but is good to see what you could choose to do with the space. Another option apart from putting drawers under it might be to have a desk.

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