How To Build a Trundle Bed

How to Build a Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is a bed that slides under another bed often on wheels though not always. Some are designed for occasional use only and some are more sturdy. Their value is that you have extra sleeping space but no storage or space is being taken up by them. There are many options for buying a bed that comes with a trundle bed but it is actually quite an easy DIY project to build a trundle bed. Below is a detailed guide on how to build a trundle bed.

How to Build a Trundle Bed

There are many reasons having a trundle bed is a great idea. For some it might be space. Two children sharing a small room means there is no space for two beds. If a bunk is not an option a trundle bed is somewhere one of them can sleep and then be pushed under out the way during the day. Or perhaps it is so that your child can have sleepovers with friends. Or it may even be just an extra space for guests sleeping over when the guest bed itself is already in use. Building a trundle bed does not take a lot of time and it does not cost much either. Here is a step by step guide on how to build a trundle bed yourself. It does assume you have some basic DIY skills and tools.


Before you actually buy anything you need to determine how much room you have under the bed it is going under and you need to take into account the mattress you intend to use on the trundle bed. Make sure your measurements are accurate and also think about leaving some extra space so that the trundle can go under already made up if you need it to, i.e with the blankets and pillows staying in place. When you have your measurements and have checked them a couple of times to be sure you can gather your tools and materials. Another option for a bed in a bedroom with limited space is a murphy bed. Check out murphy bed IKEA if you are going for this type.

You will need:

Tools – Measuring tape, saw, hammer, screwdriver, carpenter’s square, paintbrushes

Materials – ¾ inch plywood, 2×4 lumber, 1×4 support board, wood glue, nails, 21/2, 11/2, 1 and 3/4 inch screws, steel L-brackets, paint, primer, wheels/casters/furniture sliders, two drawer handles.

Materials to build trundle bed

Step by step guide on how to build a trundle bed

Step One – Measuring and cutting the base (Optional is adding support boards)

It is a good idea to make the trundle frame a bit larger than the mattress that is going into it so that it is easy to get out when you want to and it is easier to make the bed. About an extra two inches should be added to the length and width of the mattress (make sure this is still going to fit nicely under the bed). Cut the ¾ inch plywood to these measurements.

An optional stage here is to also add 1×4 support boards the width of the plywood to make it stronger. This is a good idea if the trundle may be used for heavier people. Place one in the center and then place 2 more either side of it spaced about 15 inches apart. You can also cover the top side of the board with material.

(Tip – this is a self-made bunkie board basically. There are places that sell these – for one. If you want to skip this step you can! Get one from Amazon here.

Step two – Measuring and cutting out the pieces for the frame

Take your 2×4 lumber and measure off two pieces that equal the same length as the plywood you have just taken. Cut them. Then measure two more pieces from it that are three inches smaller than the width of the plywood. Cut them. You want these width pieces to be shorter because they need to fit inside the frame.

Step Three – Putting the frame together

Set out your cut lumber to form a rectangle making sure those two shorter cuts are on the inside so that they brace the frame. Put wood glue to the ends of the short pieces and then use the 21/2 inch wood screws to attach them to the frame. Take your L-brackets and put them in the 4 corners of the frame securing them with the 1 inch wood screws. Use your carpenter’s square to make sure it is all level.

Trundle bed frame

Step Four – Fixing the base to the frame

Arrange the plywood onto the frame making sure the edges are perfectly flush. Taking the 11/2 inch wood screws fix the base and frame together spacing the screws about 10 inches or so apart.

Step Five – Finishing and painting the frame

Make sure all the edges are smooth and everything is fixed firmly. Prime the wood with your primer and then paint it with whatever color you have opted for.

Step Six – Put on the wheels or casters or sliders

On the corners of the base of the plywood put the mounts for the wheels or casters. Attach them with the ¾ inch wood screws. If attaching wheels puts the trundle too high you can also use furniture sliders, use the right type for the flooring you have though to prevent scratching. You can also opt to attach the handles now to the side of the trundle bed to make pulling it out and pushing it back in a lot easier.

Putting on the wheels

Now you have a trundle bed all ready to be used for many nights to come!

DIY trundle bed


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