California King Bed Frames

If you are looking into getting a California King bed frame you have probably already discovered these are not as easy to find as other frames. This is something more unique and less main stream so before you find one and make that purchase, be sure this is the right bed frame for you. Here are some tips for people opting for a California King bed frame.

Opting for a California King Bed Frame

First of all you need to make sure the size of your room can handle this size of frame. Do not forget you will need room to move around, have the other necessary furniture. You also need to make sure you have a plan in getting the frame up into your bedroom I.e. wider door frames and stairs. For people who need that extra leg room though the California King Bed is superior to other bed frames and you will finally be able to stretch out your legs properly again.

california king bed frame storageKing size bed frame with storage

When you order a new bed keep in mind that not everything will come with it. Usually it gets you a mattress and box spring. If you want a headboard and foot board you will need to order that separately. Because the cost of this bed is higher than other bed frames make sure you read how to properly take care of them so that you get as much time out of them as possible. Think of this bed as an investment into many a great night’s sleep.

alpine king platform bedPlatform bed by Alpine Furniture

The dimension

The California King bed frame is 76inches by 80inches, but you may be able to get some decision about the height because of the mattresses you have to choose from. Make sure you have measurements with you when you shop and that they are accurate. When thinking about height remember the mattress and box spring combine to make an overall height. If you want a thicker mattress that will also affect how far off the floor the bed rises. Do not forget to look at the box spring itself; it is just as important as the mattress in how comfortable you will be.

heathridge king frameHeathridge king bed frame

As much as you might like the idea of getting a large bed like this, it is not something to get if you do not physically need it and you have little room or a low budget. However if your bedroom is spacious and budget is not a problem a California King bed frame can be luxurious and roomy and allow you to sleep like a baby! Consider moving furniture out of your room when you are putting it in and make sure you have bedding that will fit! If this is a new bedroom or you are using this chance to re-decorate consider using the bed to then create a style for the room as it will definitely be a strong focal point in the room.

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