IKEA Trundle Bed

For many homeowners small space is a big issue as it restricts them from buying anything huge that they like. Those who are planning to buy a trundle bed offered by IKEA and have limited space must be aware about the working of trundle beds. When you are fully aware about the specifications and features of different types of furniture like a trundle then you tend to find it more appealing.

Trundle Bed From IKEA

Trundle beds by IKEA comes in a pair that means the two beds work together, the size of both the beds may not be same like one bed is a twin size, the other one little smaller.  The lower bed that is actually the trundle, it is fixed or fitted with rollers, at times it is also called as casters, and as compared top it is smaller for allowing to be slid as well as stored easily underneath the upper frame of bed.

Black trundle bedBlack trundle bed that can double as sofa

Usually these beds come in standard size about 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. This length can be greater than 80 inches in some cases.

If there is space to pull the lower frame out for using it then such arrangement to sleep is considered as an excellent choice for a small bedroom, office or guest room so that floor space can be used in the day time and can be turned to beds whenever it is needed.  Including this two-in-one there are other models that are created to provide storage as there are drawers under the bed drawers in place of mattress beneath the top bedding and frame smaller in size as well as. Buying a trundle means you actually adding stylish bedding to your room if you opt for a daybed along with trundle bed frame or trundle bed the one either made from cast iron, upholstered in fabric or carved from wood.

trundle bed with drawersDay bed with drawers

Stability of Trundle Beds

In terms of practicality and style trundle holds prominent position as compared to other options.

When you plan to buy an IKEA trundle unit, make sure to buy the time when you are buying the upper frame so that proper support system and fitting can be ensured.  It can be costly if at one time you buy the whole unit of the bedroom furniture. Do not forget to buy a mattress for smaller trundle size and it must be unique as compared to the lower trundle frame, this can limit the choice of a buyer and hence he has to buy sheets and mattress of specific size for the mattress that is lower one as a result the price of this bedding will be greater.

Safety of trundle beds

As the trundle is near to the floor, it is a perfect choice for toddlers as well as younger children. The height of the full frame that is meant for keeping the mattress is not more than few inches from the rollers. If the frames are low than they tend to pull out. For more safety of children the children’s safety rails can fit to it simply like a regular bed.

DIY-trundle-bedBuilding your own day bed

If any parents are planning to buy trundle bed for teens they should know that there are box springs on the upper bedding or on the unit underneath.  If you need it for a parent who cannot cope without support, this won’t be a good option. In addition, because two beds are stacked in one place, so the mattresses are quite thin, do not forget to keep this factor in mind when you are buying it for elderly members or for individual with back issues.

Why buy trundle bed from IKEA

ikea-trundle-bedIKEA trundle bed design and ideas

Some trundle beds are based on mechanics that limits its number of users, e.g. trundle beds are ideal for guest room or home offices, for families and individuals who need more sleeping area in their small bedrooms, as well as for children who need extra trundle for sleepovers as well as for storage purpose afterwards. Not only consider the technicalities of the trundle but as an option to save space, and also see if you are making the right choice in the form of trundle bed. The main reason behind the popularity of IKEA trundle beds is its design as well as price, so the best thing is to begin your search with IKEA in order to buy the new trundle bed.

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