Queen Bed Frame With Headboard

The variety of beds actually varies in terms of different lengths and widths i.e. ranging from Narrow Bunk to the King size. The queen headboards are not like the double headboards. The size of the double bed mattress is approximately 54 inches by 75 inches. Whereas the size of the queen mattress is about 60 inches by 80 inches. Due to the difference in size of both the types of beds you can decide easily regarding the selection of headboard and footboard.

Why Queen Size Bed Frame With Headboard

With the addition of headboards and footboards the look of bedroom becomes stylish. It’s not easy for everyone to buy a new bed in order to bring some change but this can be done by adding headboard or a footboard without spending much. In this way the headboard or a footboard can actually serve as the centerpiece.

ikea queen size frame with headboard

Moreover, when you add headboard or footboard then it’s a good way for bringing together the theme of any room. On the other hand, there are many other practical purposes that it serves. For example, when you are watching TV or reading a book you can use headboard of your bed for backrest so that you can carry on your activity comfortably. The original idea behind the creation of footboard was to avoid slipping incidents.

These headboards and footboards can be created with different materials and in different shapes, designs and colors. You should decide which one is more suitable for your bedroom. If your room is small then do not opt for any design like ornate ostentatious, while wooden or metal ones can enhance your smaller living space.

Benefits of Footboard

One advantage of footboard is that it can offer space for storage, as there are designs that include built in shelves, a linen box that can serve as a seat too. Your imagination may be limited but the choices are endless.

bed frame with footboard

Depending on the type of material used for the headboards the price can decrease or increase. Another factor on which price can depend is the fabric installed as well as size (custom or standard).

The width of queen-sized mattress and double-sized mattress is slightly different i.e. approximately 6 inches whereas in terms of length its 5 inches. The width of queen headboards can be flush or approximately six inches in comparison to the queen mattress.

The hardwood and also the engineered wood is the material used for manufacturing headboards of conventional queen for several years. If you want to add elegance then opts for Bedford nightstand with clean lines which suits with the headboard. Moreover, the ebony finish on these headboards highlights the classy look of your room. You simply need to give it a clear-coat finish if you want to save it from scratches.

With the innovative and creative ideas the look of the typical queen headboards can be changed and it can look more decorative. A big or combination of small mirrors can also be added for decorating headboard. Or make your headboard more personalized by adding you and your family photos just above your headboard.

queen bed frame with headboard and drawers

There are many factors that you must keep in mind when you are buying the headboards because it can have a positive or negative impact on your sleep pattern. The best choice for comfy sleep is the home style traditional queen headboards if you choose this type of headboard then you can get space for keeping pillows. Moreover, you can comfortably watch TV or read a book when leaning on headboard.

Here we are sharing about the materials that you can choose


Wooden headboards look classic. Even after years your wooden headboard will not lose its beauty even if you plan to bring some changes in the style or color scheme of your room. Some good options include oak, beech and pine and several others.

wooden queen bed frame


Leather footboards and headboards not only look affluent but luxurious too. The best part with leather is that the older it gets, the better it looks. It can be maintained by washing and treating for more shine. The only negative point is that leather is very expensive option but the high price is due to luxurious and stylish look that it adds to any environment. Though there are different colours in which leather is available but mostly people prefer brown and black.

leather bed frame with headboard and footboard


Metal can be a good addition to a room for contemporary look and for making it impressive looking. The addition of metal in a small room feels light. The more you care for the metal headboard and footboard the more it will serve you, since majority of these types are detachable so it won’t be difficult   moving it especially when you are shifting your house.

stanley metal queen frame


One big positive point about upholstered is that you get plenty of fabric choices. You can choose the fabric that looks best with your bed linen and curtains. When you have a set in spare you can simply change the theme of your bedroom as per your choice.


Brass is an evergreen option in terms of look. Most people dream of sleeping in a big soft bed made up of brass. Whether you like old genuine antique brass footers and headers or the modern ones you can find all.

brass bed frame

It’s up to you what you choose to fit to your bed. You can either select the floor standing ones or the ones that can fit perfectly to the wall and some are created for attaching to the bed itself.

The important thing is that the fitting is as per your desire. Lastly, it is important to have headboards and footboards that include all the components that one can easily assemble, so prior to starting your assembling task check each and everything.

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